The Engrave Slave was born out of a need for amazing merch and well T.E.S Collection is no different! We too have been sitting on our computers simping over anime hoodies, wishing we could order them and ship them to SA only to know the struggle. Will it arrive, what will the exchange rate be, will customs get their greedy paws on it or worse will it get lost in transit?

All of this plays on your mind when you place an order for a special item and specifically these one of a kind anime garments. That is when it dawned on us, surely we could do something. Weebs will have what the Weebs want! We did some research and found the best quality we could in garments and then researched the best printing methods.

Once that was in place what was left was to make the weebs SIMP! The artwork is designed and drawn by The Engrave Slave team over a number of days with hours of research into the characters. (Another excuse to watch anime.) Once that is done we start working on setting up the PRINTS just for you.

You need to keep an eye on our SOCIAL media and this page as these items will only be launched ONCE A MONTH and for a limited time only.

We will only have limited stock and well IT will sell out!

ALSO if you follow us WE WILL do a spot prize EVERY MONTH. So one LUCKY person IN SA could win something we made!

If you live overseas and you really want this pop us an email. We will do our best to find the most affordable courier.