The Engrave Slave was started almost 6 years ago with the need for a very special beer mug for our father.

Back then, we had a particular mug we wanted to use that was going to be covered in our father’s favourite things such as radio station logos, the pyramids, Elvis, Meerkats and more. It was going to be a complicated glass.

We went from engraver to engraver, begging people to take on this project and we soon realised this would never happen. We were restricted on the glass type we could use, and also on the complexity of the artwork. But soon a bright idea came to mind. We would hire a hand engraver from a Coastal Tool hire shop and do it all by hand.

We managed to hire an engraver and the engraving was going so well except it was the wrong type of engraver and it kept overheating so we had the freeze the engraver every few minutes.

3 hours later we had a stunning glass ready for our father for Father’s Day.

As the weeks went past and our father proudly showed off his new beer mug, many asked where he got it. So we realised that many people wanted stunning, intricate hand-engraved glasses.

With some research we got the correct engraver and THE ENGRAVE SLAVE was born.

We took a chance and attended Free Comic Book Day to test the waters in the pop culture world, and from there we have never looked back. We travel from Con to Con, whether it is anime themed, superhero-themed or gaming orientated we find ourselves drawn to the exciting world of cosplay, fantasy and gaming.

We love that people in love with rare special characters can come to us and have them put onto glasses for their home. It is very hard to get merchandise in South Africa and the characters are restricted but with us, we can draw almost any character onto a glass, making our FANS ecstatic when they find us and see how we can make them a Batman glass, Superman beer mug or even Deadpool shot glasses.

There is so much we can do and we particularly love weddings. To be asked to prepare glasses for a wedding is an honour and a little piece of our art is able to make a bride and groom smile, not only on the day but for the rest of their lives. It is a great item that lives on as a special reminder of a special day.

We hope you come to love our glasses the way we do.

In words of the great Stan Lee,