Finding Merchandise for your Inner Geek

by Jan 7, 2019Engravings, Gifts, Handcrafted, News0 comments

Whether it is a glass of wine, a cup of tea or even a couple of shots, The Engrave Slaves strive to incorporate pop culture ideas on glassware so that you can geek out in your very own home.

When it comes to being a geek, it can sometimes be hard to find merchandise that suits your everyday needs so that you can integrate things that bring you joy into your normal day. In South Africa in particular, it can be hard to find merchandise in certain categories or even whole universes.

But never fear! Send us your ideas and we will create a special glass or glasses just for you. Perhaps you are head over heels for Jason Momoa in the new Aquaman, or you are a huge fan of Thor and just need a sexy beer mug for your mancave.

Whether it is Anime, Marvel or DC Comics or just a caricature, reach out to us today and see what we can make for you.

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