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Introducing: T.E.S Collection

Welcome to the The Engrave Slave Collection. If you have not heard of it yet, then be ready to see some amazing WEEB/ANIME MERCH right on your doorstep, here in SOUTH AFRICA! The Engrave Slave was born out of a need for amazing merch, and T.E.S Collection is no different! We too have been sitting on our computers, simping over anime hoodies, wishing we could order them and ship them to SA – only to know the struggle. That is when it dawned on us, surely we could do something. The Weebs will have what the Weebs want, and now we present T.E.S Collection to you!

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New: Weebbox & Geek Leaf

Coming this Thursday, you’ll be able to find exciting new snack and merch boxes from fan-favourite anime series in-store with our Weebbox range. If a soothing cup of tea is more your vibe (or why not both?), look no further than our Geek Leaf range of specialty teas, infused with all the personali-tea of your favourite characters.

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Whether you’re a Ghibli lover or more of a Demon Slayer fan, we have the anime merch for you!


Make your next D&D session a critical hit with our D&D merch.


We’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. We’ve got whozits and whatzits galore.


Where it all began. Browse our treasure trove of engraving.

Harry Potter

Whether you’re a wizard or a muggle, you’ll love our Harry Potter inspired range.


Your one-stop-shop for all things Marvel. Infinity Stones not included.


Saving people. Hunting things. Work the Family Business in style with our Supernatural merch.

Star Wars

Ensure that the Force will be with you with our Star Wars-inspired goods. This is the Way.


All that glitters IS gold with this one set of merch to rule them all.


For all your DC hero needs. From Batman to Superman, we’ve got you.

The Witcher

Whether you need to free a princess from a curse or slay nekkers, our merch is for you.


Stay safe in style with our cloth facemasks that come complete with a filter

Among Us

Red might be pretty sus, but our Among Us merch isn’t.