Attack on Titan – Geek Leaf Tea Party


Enjoy a special cup of tea that captures the Personali-Tea of your favourite characters. Eclectic loose tea leaves mixed and procured by a local tea house, Nigiro, exclusively for our Geek Leaf range.

Enjoy an all-round sensory experience: smell, taste, seeing the beauty of the tea unfurl, and holding on to your new merch.

Tea Party includes:
4 Teas
2 Attack on Titan magnets made by our team
A stunning hand-engraved glass by us with Levi cleaning the glass
A stunning coaster with Eren engraved into it

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Eren - Attack Titan:
Eren is best described as hard-headed, strong-willed, passionate and impulsive with a strong drive to kill titans. His life takes an unexpected twist and this is how we decided to portray his tea. A herbal infusion of spearmint, peppermint, fennel, liquorice roots, cloves and flowers. An exceptionally visually exciting twist with his tea.

Mikasa - Intensitea
Mikasa is loyal and deadly, creating one strong personality. Blended with berries such as elderberry, bilberry, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry as well as apple and hibiscus petals. A creation of intense red sweet and tangy fruity infusion can be thoroughly enjoyed and depicting Mikasa in each cup. Delicious when iced.

Armin - Loyaltea
Armin is exceptionally loyal and selfless making his tea a down to earth creation. Honeybush flavoured with blood orange essence. Blood orange is less sweet and the citrus note is wonderful on a honeybush base. Rich, brilliant and brightly coloured memory of an experience emanating Armin in each cup.

Levi - Give Up On Your Dreams:
We all know Levi is not very approachable. He rarely shows emotion, giving a cold impression to others. His manner of blunt-speaking, even insulting and salty personality was inspiration for this tea blend. This woody, nutty and fruity black tea has an exciting blend of quince pieces and Chamomile flower is truly sensational. The subtle salty taste of quince pieces and the full flavour of chamomile flowers brews Levi in this tea. Chamomile flower is a rich yellow, calming yet filled with exciting, bouncing flavours!