Demon Slayer – Geek Leaf High Tea


Enjoy a special cup of tea that captures the Personali-Tea of your favourite characters. Eclectic loose tea leaves mixed and procured by a local tea house, Nigiro, exclusively for our Geek Leaf range.

Enjoy an all-round sensory experience: smell, taste, seeing the beauty of the tea unfurl, and holding on to your new merch.

High Tea includes:
4 Teas
2 Random Demon Slayer button badges made by Otakitsu
1 Random Demon Slayer keyring made by Otakitsu
A stunning hand-engraved glass by us with Tanjiro and Nezuko on the glass
A stunning coaster with Nezuko engraved into it
A wonderful teapot coaster with Tanjiro on it
Glass teapot with Tanjiro and Nezuko on it.

Please note that the Tea Pot Shape/Style may change as we may run out of stock and then move to a full glass teapot.

Out of stock

Tanjiro - Blessed Rain After the Drought:
Tanjiro is an iconic character that continues to show his love and appreciation for human life throughout his journey. With that in mind, this to was created to replicate his power and one of his iconic moments, "Blessed Rain After the Drought." A limited production, top quality jasmine tea from the Chinese province of Fujian. This famous tea is made from tender and healthy green tea shoots hand-picked in spring. Long leaf tips are scented with freshly cut jasmine blossoms which are then rolled into small pearls. Due to the different levels of plucked tea leaves, it manifests different colours. The pearls seem to dance like rain clouds as they unfurl in the pot. The special blend has the stormy Jasmine Pearls with Red Lion's Tail Flower.

Nezuko - Blood Demon Art:
Nezuko becomes a Demon yet manages to keep her sweet human side, going on to protect humans. A carefully crafted tea to infuse both her soft and newfound power side together in this beautiful blend. This green sencha tea is flavoured with Japanese sour cherries, gifting us the many varieties of perfumed fragrances in their purest most harmonious form. Well representing the sides of Nezuko.

Zentsu - Thunder Breathing
Zentsu is a cry baby at heart but when the going gets tough he is dependable and a real powerhouse. Blend of Rooibos, spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and pink peppercorns as well as vanilla and orange to finish it off. The inspiration for this blend came from the Spice Route between the East and Africa; this tea aims to show you just how strong his Thunder Breathing can be.

Inoske - Beast Breathing
After living in the mountains and fighting for survival Inoske meets up with Tanjiro and Zentsu. Here his crazy erratic personality comes out. A playful infusion of marula and peach, blended with spices, flowers as well as red and green rooibos. Summery feelings of fruits, soft spices and colourful flowers give you the same giddy feeling Inoske starts to feel as he becomes friends with his new comrades. To further enhance and complete the blend, blue corn flower and heather flower are combined to portray his beautiful features.