T.E.S Collection

YOU thought we only did ANIME MERCH…. NOPE, we love all fandoms and this one is very close to our hearts.





Cut out of wood, hand-painted, and then dusted with special gold dust that has real gold in this paste. To top it all off, it is sealed with resin to keep the paint/gold safe!

All earrings include a super cool character earring holder and you can request a HOOK or a CLIP depending on if you have pierced ears or not!



Want to add a little extra spice to your life and have a little fun when you look at your bank cards?





The kit comes with 6 wooden decorations, 6 paints, 7 glitters, a pot of crystal paint, paintbrush and stickers.




Hand Engraved Glass

We are well known for our special hand-engraved glasses!