Who is the Coronasaurus?

Coronasaurus is your friendly neighbourhood T-Rex and internet sensation, who makes it her mission to deliver Covid-19 protective equipment right to your door. Coronasaurus was created by Michelle Roodman, owner and founder of The Engrave Slave. Working with The Engrave Slave team, Coronasaurus works hard to deliver orders all over Cape Town, ensuring the safety (and amusement) of both the customer and Coronasaurus (because let’s face it – an inflatable dinosaur costume makes for some pretty awesome Personal Protective Equipment). Follow her adventures on this page, and remember to book your very own Coronasaurus delivery from our shop page.

Coronasaurus in a car

T-Rex goes shopping during lockdown in Cape Town

A few lucky Capetonians had a particularly interesting shopping experience while visiting Pick n Pay in Plumstead, when a T-Rex rolled its shopping cart through the aisles…

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